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Wearable Devices App

Wearable apps run directly on a watch, giving you access to hardware such as sensors and the GPU. Wearable apps are similar to other apps that use the Android SDK, but differ in design and functionality.

Technology keeps evolving! Right from the Personal Computer’s huge back to the world of Smart Phones and Tablets, we have come a long way. With the shrinking size of the Chipset and Microprocessors, there lies a whole new dimension for ‘computing’ which is known as ‘Wearable Computing Devices’. The tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have come up with some major smart bands and wearables. So wearable app development is inevitable to grow further in your business. Apple Watch App development is just an example which feels like a revolution right now.

We have plunged into the market of wearable app development with the making of smart fitness bands using the scientific HRV technology. Our team of experts have exact attributes what any wearable app development company seeks. They have recently built an application for Polar Bluetooth Belt which is a wearable chest band. Moreover, these bands whether worn on the wrists or a particular part of the body, are capable of detecting the daily fitness score. These brilliant applications designed by LetsNurture have also helped people to take their fitness to a whole new level.