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One Person Company

The One Person Company (OPC) was recently introduced as a strong improvement over the sole proprietorship. It gives a single promoter full control over the company while limiting his/her liability to contributions to the business. This person will be the only director and shareholder (there is a nominee director, but with no power until the original director is incapable of entering into contract).

So there’s no chance of raising equity funding or offering employee stock options. Furthermore, if an OPC hits an average three-year turnover of over Rs. 2 crore or has a paid-up capital of over Rs. 50 lakh, it must be turned into a private limited company or public limited company within six months.

It takes around 20 days for One Person Company (OPC) Registration. For Quickest Registration of One Person Company (OPC) in Chennai, Call us on: 9500208182

Steps To Register One Person Company

To get your OPC registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs India; You will need the help and support of a licensed company registration service provider like us.

Step 1 : Apply/ Register DIN, DSC

A licensed Certifying Authority (Like us) issues the digital signature. We have been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000. Anyone who is existing or a potential Director of the company needs to have a DIN. We shall apply/register DIN on your behalf to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs India

Step 2 : Company name approval:

A One Person Company must end with the word “OPC”. There’s an Affidavit to be filed from Subscriber (Non Acceptance of Public Deposit – Format to be provided by us). A minimum of three names for the proposed New One Person Company (OPC) Registration has to be decided in the order of Preference (The concerned ROC will sanction the Name on the basis of availability).

Step 3 : Submission of Final docs to RoC- Registrar of Companies:

After the Registrar of Companies(ROC) is satisfied that all the formalities with respect to the incorporation has been complied, he will issue a Certificate of Incorporation as to formation of the OPC which is the conclusive evidence of One Person Company (OPC) Registration.